Adam Falcone Quoted in New Mexico Article About Medicaid Payment Suspensions

By | Published On: July 29, 2013

Adam Falcone was quoted extensively in a recent New Mexico In Depth article by Bryant Furlow, “State didn’t have to halt Medicaid payments to providers,” regarding the New Mexico Human Services Department’s recent decision to suspend all Medicaid payments to 15 behavioral health providers during an investigation into allegations of potential fraud.

The article noted Falcone’s expertise and experience representing behavioral health providers in other states. In the article, Falcone explained that, contrary to the state’s claims, federal regulations allow states the ability to continue making payments in a situation like this one, especially when patient care may be jeopardized. “That’s exactly why the regulations give states an out – because of the harm that can be done,” said Falcone.

Read the full article, including Falcone’s comments about the drastic nature of the state’s action, here. 

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