CLIENT ALERT: The Provider Relief Fund Reporting Period 2 Deadline Closes on 3/31/2022. HRSA Will Attempt to Recover Funds for Failure to Report.

By | Published On: March 15, 2022

As per the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) website, the PRF Reporting Portal for Period 2 will close after 11:59 PM ET on March 31, 2022.

As we have begun to see with respect to PRF Reporting Period 1, which closed for the last time after December 20, 2021, HRSA may attempt to recover any and all PRF funds received during the Reporting Period in which there was a failure to report. According to the HRSA website:

Providers who were required to report in Reporting Period 1, but did not report:

  • You are out of compliance with the PRF Terms and Conditions and must return your Payment Period 1 PRF payment(s) to HRSA.
  • Non-compliant providers will be excluded from receiving and/or retaining future PRF payments – including any applicable Phase 4 payments.
  • HRSA will seek repayment on all PRF payments received between April 10, 2020 – June 30, 2020, and not reported on during Reporting Period 1.
  • For more details on non-compliance, review the Reporting Non-Compliance Fact Sheet (PDF – 158 KB)

If you have missed the reporting deadline for Reporting Period 1, or any future reporting deadlines, we recommend that you contact an attorney.

Important upcoming PRF reporting dates can be found here.

Additional details about reporting for the Provider Relief Fund can be found here.

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