FTLF Attorney Kathryn Watson Quoted on Uncertain Relationship Between Health Centers and Medical Marijuana

By , , | Published On: October 10, 2013

FTLF Associate Kathryn Watson is quoted in the Boston Globe article “US Policy Clouds Approvals of Medical Marijuana” about the effect of federal marijuana law on community health centers. The article discusses how the disconnect between state and federal law has led to the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers to caution its facilities against issuing patient marijuana certifications to avoid potential legal and financial repercussions.

The National Association of Community Health Centers, which FTLF serves as General Counsel, is cited as not being aware of any center or physician facing federal sanctions. However, Watson spoke to the uncertainty of the situation.

“Community health centers have been providing access to care for decades,” she told the Boston Globe, “but there is no assurance that they would not come under federal investigation or that their physicians would not face trouble for certifying medical conditions under state medical marijuana programs, given it is an unsettled area of the law.”

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