FTLF Attorney Phillip Escoriaza Quoted in The Bond Buyer on Puerto Rico Legislation Adjusting Income Tax for Inflation

By | Published On: January 12, 2023

In a January 10, 2023 article, The Bond Buyer quoted FTLF Senior Counsel Phillip Escoriaza on his thoughts regarding recently introduced legislation in Puerto Rico’s House of Representatives to provide relief to taxpayers by adjusting income tax based on annual inflation levels. Mr. Escoriaza, a native of Puerto Rico, commented on the importance of the bill addressing the reality of current inflationary pressures on tax payers’ real income and the need for negotiations with the PROMESA Board prior to its implementation due to potential impacts on Puerto Rico’s revenue estimates and the Commonwealth Fiscal Plan.

The Bond Buyer is a national trade publication covering the municipal bond industry. Read the full article here.

Phillip A. Escoriaza is Senior Counsel in the firm’s Federal Grants and Health Law practice groups. Phillip’s bilingual, nationwide practice serves non-profit organizations, municipalities, local government agencies, and other federal grantees.

For more information, contact Mr. Escoriaza at pescoriaza@ftlf.com.