FTLF Attorney Susannah Vance Gopalan Partnering with National Health Law Program on Webinars

By | Published On: December 17, 2015

FTLF Partner Susannah Vance Gopalan is partnering with the National Health Program on the following two webinars in 2016:

Medicaid and the “Free Care” Rule  (January 21, 2016)

One year ago, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued guidance explaining how and when Medicaid can cover services that are usually provided without charge to the community. This guidance effectively reverses HHS’ longstanding policy prohibiting Medicaid coverage of “free care” – an action that has profound implications for public entities that serve low income people, particularly children. In this webinar, panelists will explain the rule and discuss the implications for schools, local health departments, and Medicaid managed care plans.

Medicaid Managed Care: The Practical Realities (March 17, 2016)

Nearly three quarters of Medicaid beneficiaries are enrolled in managed care plans and that proportion continues to grow. This means that local health departments and other providers serving Medicaid beneficiaries need to understand how managed care works. In this webinar, panelists will provide guidance on the interplay between Medicaid managed care and local health departments. In addition, we will provide an overview of a forthcoming survey of Medicaid managed care contracts and their coverage of local health department services.

For more information and to register, visit www.healthlaw.org.

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