FTLF Attorneys to Present on Research Grant Fraud

By | Published On: January 13, 2021

Next month, FTLF Managing Partner Ted Waters will speak at the Society of Research Administrators International’s Financial Management Conference. All types of research grants are prone to fraud, from submitting a false grant application and using grant money for other research projects or personal expenses to simply overcharging for time. Any improper use of federal research grants or research misconduct may cause the researchers or the institution to be liable under the False Claims Act, Civil Monetary Penalties Law, and administrative authorities to recover funds and terminate grants among other actions.

Mr. Waters’ presentation will focus on the legal framework for liability for fraud related to research. Specifically, they will review key challenges in responding to reports of suspected misconduct, explain processes for formal self-disclosures to government, and discuss challenges in responding to subpoenas and government investigations.

You can read more about the Society of Research Administrators International (SRA) and the Financial Management Conference here.

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