FTLF Family Law Attorney Spotlight: Cierra A. Vaughn

By | Published On: December 15, 2021

Welcome to our latest blog series, FTLF Family Law Spotlight. In the coming months, we will provide you with a closer look at our team of experienced attorneys. From why they choose to be family law attorneys to what they do in their spare time.  This Q&A format features our talented group of attorneys who work every day to protect the most important asset in family law — the future.

Our series begins with FTLF Family Law Associate, Cierra A. Vaughn.

Cierra joined FTLF’s Family Law Group in March 2020. Cierra is no stranger to making quick adjustments. A week after starting with the firm, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Stay-at-home orders were put into place, and she began to work remotely. Cierra, a California native, brings a variety of family law experience to FTLF, including child custody disputes, complex financial support issues, and domestic violence counsel. Cierra’s passion to advocate for families in the Washington, DC and Northern Virginia area helps provide her clients comfort and reassurance that brighter days are ahead.

Q: Why did you become a family law attorney?

A: I was drawn to family law because I am the product of two divorced parents who did it the right way. I’ve learned first-hand that divorce does not mean the end of a family, it just marks the beginning of a new normal. I started in this profession because I want to help bring families to this new normal while remaining child-centered and without life changing animosity. At my core, I want to help people and family law is arguably one of the most personal and sensitive areas of law and presents the greatest opportunities to help others.

Q: Two things you enjoy about your practice and why?

A: I enjoy that FTLF provides a concerted team-like approach to its cases which enables creative and individualized approaches to each client. I also enjoy the relationships with my clients and the satisfaction I feel after obtaining a positive result for them.

Q: What advice would you give your younger self?

A: Always trust your intuition. I’ve found that first impressions are quite important, whether it’s in professional opportunities or personal relationships, I’ve discovered that my first impressions are usually correct and help guide my future decisions.

Q: When you’re not practicing law, what are some things you enjoy doing?

A: Face Timing my little sister back home, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, reading, and hosting dinner parties with friends. I’m a big Alex Guarnaschelli and Ina Garten fan, so you can usually find me trying out one of the recipes in their cookbooks.

Q: If you were not a family law attorney, what profession would you have chosen?

A: I would probably have been a local newscaster. I admittedly love public speaking and always loved watching the morning news with my mom, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Cierra A. Vaughn can be reached at cvaughn@ftlf.com or 202.466.8960.