Head Start Weekly Roundup

By | Published On: June 23, 2017

We’ve been collecting and curating the week’s must-read news, articles and blog posts on Head Start, education and federal grants.  Happy reading!

  • Opportunities for helping mothers with depression. We linked to a news story last week on the impressive results of a medical center/ Head Start partnership aimed at preventing maternal depression.  Read more about the successful techniques used in the partnership.
  • Gender-neutral preschool. Read about Sweden’s gender-neutral preschools and the findings of a recent study involving children who attended them.
  • Eligible children are not being served. Thousands of eligible infants and toddlers are not being served in MaineSOUND OFF!!  We want to hear from you!  How would you grade your state on the percentage of eligible children who receive services?  What do you see as the primary factors – more money, more conversion to EHS, or something else – that would result in serving a higher percentage of children?  Email your ideas to questions@ftlf.com and check back next Thursday to see what your colleagues had to say!

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