HRSA Announces 2017 FTCA Application Dates and Deadlines

By , , | Published On: April 11, 2016

On Monday HRSA released PAL 2016-03 following this month’s earlier announced application dates and deadlines for the CY 2017 FTCA deeming application process.  The Electronic Handbook (EHB) will be open to receive new and redeeming applications on April 22, 2016. Redeeming applications for coverage in CY 2017 must be submitted by May 24, 2016.  New deeming applications may be submitted at any time.

The notice also announced opening dates of FTCA technical assistance webinars as follows:

While all of the dates have passed, the webinars are still available for viewing.

The link to the HRSA website information is

If you would like additional information regarding the FTCA deeming process, please contact our Health Care practice group at Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP, or 202-466-8960.  In addition, click here for information on our upcoming FTCA trainings.

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