Laura G. Hoffman Published in Fordham Urban Law Journal

By | Published On: August 13, 2013

Laura G. Hoffman co-authored an article about the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) and its impact on ex-offenders and their communities recently published in the Fordham Urban Law Journal. In the article, “Health Reform and Correctional Health Care: How the Affordable Care Act Can Improve the Health of Ex-Offenders and Their Communities,” Hoffman and co-author Joel B. Teitelbaum of the George Washington University’s Department of Health Policy discuss the ways in which ex-offenders and the communities they return to upon release from jail or prison will benefit due to the passage and implementation of the ACA.

Published in the May 2013 edition of the Fordham Urban Law Journal, the article specifically examines the health of incarcerated populations; prisoners’ 8th Amendment right to care; the public health implications of substandard correctional care; and the ways in which the ACA could improve the health of ex-offenders and their communities.

Read the entire article here.