New FTCA Health Center Program Manual Includes Coverage of Certain Individual Emergencies, Participation in Health Fairs, Immunization Campaigns

By | Published On: September 3, 2014

HRSA has issued a new FTCA: Health Center Policy Manual which updates and supersedes the prior manual (PIN 2011-01).  HRSA also issued a Program Assistant Letter (PAL) explaining the updates and modifications.

The new manual includes an expansion of FTCA coverage for services rendered to non-health center patients in certain individual emergencies.  To be covered by the FTCA, the health center provider must be furnishing (or about to furnish) FTCA covered services within the center’s scope of project when asked to temporarily assist in an individual emergency situation at or near the provider’s location.  The health center must have documentation such as an employee manual, employee contract or health center bylaws to verify that the provision of such individual emergency treatment is a condition of the provider’s employment at the health center.

The manual clarifies that health center staff that conduct or participate in health fairs are covered. HRSA added the phrase “or participate in” to clarify that health centers that participate in health fairs are covered by the FTCA.

The manual also clarifies that health center staff that conduct or participate in an event to immunize individuals against infectious illnesses are covered. Immunization campaigns are no longer limited to coverage of childhood vaccinations.

You may find the documents on HRSA’s website.

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