Ensuring employers have the policies in place to proactively mitigate potential workplace issues before they arise.

Regardless of size or industry, every business should have an “employee handbook” (also referred to as an “employee manual”), which sets forth the policies and procedures that govern the employer-employee relationship. Once a business has adopted an employee handbook, it is of the utmost importance that the handbook stays current and reflects new developments under federal and state regulations. By maintaining an employee handbook and adopting employment practices that comply with the applicable employment laws, a business can substantially reduce its potential exposure to protracted and costly litigation.

We regularly prepare, review, and revise employee handbooks. By working with our clients in a collaborative process, we can ensure that the proper policies and procedures are in place to enhance the employer-employee relationship and limit employment-related disputes.

As we recognize that a strong and effective employee handbook is an employer’s best defense against potential employee issues, we do not rely on templates or form employee handbooks to protect a client’s business. Instead, we provide customized policies and procedures that are not only legally compliant and up to date, but also responsive to the practical realities of each employer’s unique business.