Interactive training to help employers maintain a compliant workforce.

Our workplace training seminars are highly customized, interactive and dynamic. Instead of merely reciting the law, FTLF’s employment seminars are designed to provide senior management, human resource professionals, and employees at all levels of the organizational hierarchy with practical, real-life strategies and advice. Through an engaging format, role playing, and hypothetical scenarios, we provide participants with the confidence to make the right decisions and help employers maintain a respectful and productive work environment.

Workplace training is an important component of FTLF’s commitment to providing clients with proactive labor and employment solutions. As such, we offer a variety of in-house workplace training seminars on a broad range of employment topics including

  • Workplace harassment and discrimination
  • Compliance with Title VII and non-discriminatory employment practices
  • Reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Avoiding wage and hour disputes under the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Implementing leave policies under the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • The interviewing and hiring process
  • Performance management
  • Protecting corporate confidences and trade secrets
  • Employee discipline and terminations
  • Employee handbook policies, procedures and practices