How Do Cultural Differences Impact Pre-Nuptial Agreements?

Marina Barannik -Partner Family Law

Washington, DC Divorce Lawyer, Marina Barannik discusses the special challenges, including cultural differences, in representing clients with prenuptial agreements.

A pre-nuptial agreement is a private contract between future spouses who want to create their own set of laws for their future marriage. There are many additional challenges in representing a foreign national that is presented with a pre-nuptial agreement. Other cultures are not as familiar with pre-nuptial agreements or the concepts of pre-nuptial agreements. I have expertise in working with international clients and try to explain as much as possible how the concept of marital property works in the jurisdictions where I practice.

My goal in working with international clients who are entering into pre-nuptial agreements is to make sure they understand what rights they are waving by signing this contract. I want to make sure my clients are protected and feel secure in their position as a future spouse of a foreign national.