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In a cost-based system with complex rules, grantees inevitably face disallowances. From time to time they may also face termination of an award. When faced with these actions, the legal system can seem daunting and a grantee’s rights unclear. The ambiguity grantees face when threatened with enforcement actions is one of the federal grant system’s greatest failings.

Our attorneys know your rights. They have litigated disallowances and grant termination matters before agency administrative tribunals and in federal courts for decades. As the federal administrative law landscape continues to evolve, our counsel work closely with our clients to develop and execute strategies to minimize exposure in cost disallowances and contest unjustified grant terminations.

Our experience is particularly deep with respect to disputes before the Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) Departmental Appeals Board (“DAB”), where FTLF attorneys have litigated grant disputes since the Board was established approximately forty years ago.

When administrative litigation is not enough, we represent grantees and others in Federal District Court and the Court of Federal Claims as appropriate and necessary under the circumstances.

There is no question that awarding agencies have considerable power when imposing disallowances, but that power is not without limits. Knowing the system and knowing your rights is critical.