Even when there has been no wrongdoing, the handling of federal funds can mean investigations by federal officials.

The management of federal funds carries with it the risk of federal investigation at any time, even in the absence of wrongdoing. Negative news reports, suspicion by federal or state personnel of significant program mismanagement, and employee whistleblowers who perceive organizational wrongdoing can all lead to federal investigative demands. When an investigation commences into misuse of grant funds, most commonly, demands arrive in the form of administrative Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) subpoenas or, from time to time, grand jury subpoenas.

Grantees that find themselves the focus of an investigation must take them seriously and will, in most cases, find that the investigative processes demand considerable attention until resolved.

Prompt examination of subpoenas and other investigative demands, early assessment of the underlying circumstances and applicable laws, and careful consideration of an organization’s best options with support from a knowledgeable legal team are important to navigating any federal investigation. Depending upon the circumstances, an investigation can also lead to a need for relationship management, both with funders and the general public.

Our attorneys regularly assist clients in navigating OIG investigative demands and collaborate as federal grant practitioners with criminal defense attorneys in responding to demands by U.S. Attorneys and other federal criminal investigative personnel. When you need a team that understands the full landscape of the complex federal funding environment, our attorneys provide the necessary grant management experience.