Compliance advice tailored to the client and the situation.

Compliance is not a “one-size-fits-all” endeavor. Fundamental to the federal grant system is the simple fact that every grantee is unique. While off-the-shelf compliance solutions can serve as a starting point, no policy, procedure, or system will last long in an organization without tailoring to the particular grantee’s size, funding mix, and corporate culture.

Representing all types of grantee entities, from community-based nonprofits to large research institutions, from rural county governments to major cities and state governments, our attorneys offer a breadth of experience implementing common rules in diverse situations. We regularly counsel our clients on financial management systems, time and effort, procurement, subaward management, cost allocation and indirect costs, and property management. Our advice and assistance includes, among other things, strategic planning in key compliance areas, drafting and review of policies and procedures, and compliance advice particular to specific events and questions.

Additionally, we offer training and technical assistance in varied environments, including classroom-style educational opportunities, dedicated training events, and even a grants training membership through which grant management professionals can access regular live events as well as a broad catalogue of on-demand materials.

We understand that, when working with federal funds, compliance is not an option – yet time dedicated to compliance improvement must compete with numerous day-to-day mission-focused needs. Our commitment is to offer compliance support options tailored to your individual needs, so that you never have to choose between getting it done and getting it right.