Resolving disagreements over performance obligations.

Whether due to ambiguity, unexpected events or a changed scope of work.

Even when federal agencies and contractors have the best intentions, disagreements can arise regarding contract performance. FTLF attorneys have in-depth experience with the established federal frameworks for resolution of such disagreements. In helping clients to understand all available options, guidance areas can include nuances of government contract interpretation, requests for equitable adjustment, formal contract claims, and litigation before agency boards and federal courts.

Federal government contracts employ a specialized framework for resolving such matters. While providing contractors with considerable rights when properly navigated, the system also contains a number of traps for the uninitiated.

Additionally, contract termination, whether a termination for cause or convenience, is a major event for a government contractor, with both immediate and long-term consequences. Understanding all available options is important in such circumstances.

From contract interpretation to requests for equitable adjustment, formal contract claims (including subcontractor sponsored or “pass-through” claims), and, if necessary, litigation before boards of contract appeals or the Court of Federal Claims, our attorneys can assist.