Decades of experience with federal cost reimbursement matters.

Including allowability, allocability and indirect rate agreement strategy and compliance.

Federal cost-reimbursement contracting is often needlessly complicated by ambiguous regulations, and carries the financial risk of compounding unidentified errors over time. FTLF attorneys have extensive knowledge of federal cost principles applicable to commercial entities and those applicable to nonprofits. This enables them to advise clients on allowability and allocability, specific compliance questions, strategic planning and agency disputes/disagreements.

This area of federal contracting is too often unnecessarily complicated by ambiguous regulatory language and the unfortunate additional risk of an unidentified error growing in financial magnitude by going unnoticed for an extended period of time.

Informed also by the firm’s robust Federal Grant practice, our attorneys regularly advise finance personnel on matters of federal cost allowability and allocability, aiding with specific compliance questions, strategic planning, and disagreements and disputes with federal agencies.