Navigating the intricacies of SBA regulations and compliance.

Helping small businesses to compete and focus on performance.

Use of SBA procurement programs is key for small businesses to most effectively compete for government contract opportunities. FTLF attorneys assist clients across the entire SBA performance and compliance continuum including size and affiliation issues, teaming agreements and joint ventures, regulatory interpretation, and administrative appeals.

The procurement programs administered by the Small Business Administration are extremely important to the competitiveness of small businesses on government contracting opportunities, but can also present complex compliance issues. Questions arise, in particular, when small businesses are collaborating with other parties in the submission of a proposal for, and/or performance of, government contracts, whether through teaming agreements or joint ventures.

Additionally, size challenges and questions of affiliation can lead to a need for careful regulatory interpretation and, occasionally, administrative appeals to the SBA’s Office of Hearings and Appeals.

Our attorneys recognize the distraction that such matters can present to small businesses that wish to remain focused on their goal of providing exemplary services – often in competition with much larger enterprises. We are dedicated to offering leanly staffed legal services through knowledgeable counsel.