Unsurpassed counsel across all facets of FTCA.

Including coverage, claims, compliance and litigation.

Health centers are often concerned about maintaining FTCA coverage afforded by the Federally Supported Health Centers Act and limiting exposure to malpractice claims. The FTCA related advice our Health Care attorneys provide is rooted in agency leadership experience gained from directing major US government health care programs — for matters including malpractice claims, compliance, risk management, and preparing for litigation.

FTLF attorneys specializing in FTCA matters provide our clients with unparalleled knowledge of the FTCA program, its history, implementation, and management. We provide health center clients with counsel on the breadth of coverage provided under the Federally Supported Health Centers Assistance Act, as well as the limitations of the program. Our goal is to ensure our clients meet all requirements of the FTCA program and have all claims or suits covered.

We assist clients in analyzing their specific situations to determine if the FTCA program renders the professional liability protection needed. When agency decisions result in denial of deeming applications or in the event of a suit or claim to deny coverage, FTLF will assist clients in working with the agency or, if necessary, litigate the issue in court.

FTLF provides training on all aspects of the FTCA program, virtually or in person, through our education offerings. From our “Mock FTCA Site Visits” to our Deeming Application Review services, FTLF can provide health centers with whatever level of service they require.

FTLF attorneys have over 70 years of experience working with health centers on their FTCA problems. The relationships we have developed with Federal agencies will serve health centers in the preservation of their protections afforded under the FTCA program.