Resolving legal crises for all types of health care organizations.

Including issues with grant status, disallowances, claims, and subpoenas.

With extensive multilevel experience across the depth and breadth of health care organizations, FTLF attorneys are ably equipped to litigate cases for clients across the entire health care continuum. Our decades of experience include representation in cases involving audit findings and disallowances, subpoenas, federal tort claims, and grant status interpretations.

More often than anyone would like, providers can find themselves in situations where litigation is necessary. To fight the loss of grant funding, obtain full and timely payment for services (especially with respect to Medicare and Medicaid payment issues), or respond to intimidating federal investigators, organizations have for decades turned to the attorneys at FTLF. Our Health Care practice group attorneys work tirelessly representing clients in areas such as:

  • Appeals to the Office of the Inspector General, as well as arguing audit findings and disallowances before administrative tribunals and in federal courts;
  • All matters related to Federal Tort Claims Act coverage;
  • Challenges to state and federal agency interpretation and implementation of health care laws that govern and affect grant programs; and
  • Subpoenas or other official requests for information.

The firm’s Health Care attorneys are dedicated to resolving these crises so that clients are able to focus their time and energy on continuing current operations and advocating for their programs. Our clients are also left with peace of mind, knowing that their dealings with federal and state investigators are left in competent and confidential hands.

Organizations of all types – academic medical centers, community health centers, rural health clinics, Ryan White HIV/AIDS programs, Title X Family Planning programs – have collaborated with the firm’s Health Care attorneys for assistance with litigation and appeal needs. In light of increased scrutiny by various federal and state agencies of Medicare and Medicaid providers and their grant programs, as well as the escalation of investigation and prosecution of qui tam actions under the False Claims Act, many health providers and have turned to our Health Care attorneys for the help they need to keep their programs running.