Helping clients to address and settle FCA matters.

FTLF is well-versed in the unique landscape of the False Claims Act (FCA) through collective decades of experience cultivated by evaluating, investigating, and prosecuting hundreds of these cases. FTLF attorneys bring to bear health care expertise, and a unique insider’s view of the FCA gained from within the federal government and the ranks of an elite relator’s-side qui tam firm.

We defend clients facing DOJ investigations, whistleblower complaints, and litigation under the FCA, and are experienced in all stages and aspects of these matters, including strengthening internal compliance and reporting to head off whistleblower complaints; responding to civil investigative demands and subpoenas for documents and testimony; navigating the difficulties and quirks of defending against sealed complaints; and obtaining optimal results for clients in both litigated and sealed matters, including in settlements complicated by the involvement of multiple relators and state and federal agencies and enforcement entities.