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February 10, 2022


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Proactive and practical solutions to everyday workplace challenges. It is often said that a “company is only as good as its people.” While this is undoubtedly true, it is also true that [...]

February 10, 2022

Workplace Training

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Our workplace training seminars are highly customized, interactive and dynamic. Instead of merely reciting the law, FTLF’s employment seminars are designed to provide senior management, human resource professionals, and employees at all levels [...]

February 10, 2022

Employment Litigation

2022-03-25T10:06:16-04:00By |

Although we are often able to ward off our clients’ employment-related issues through counseling and training, we are attuned to the reality that disputes between employers and employees still arise on occasion. When [...]

February 10, 2022

Employment Contracts Practice

2022-03-16T19:11:02-04:00By |

FTLF’s employment transactions practice consists of advising businesses on employment issues arising in connection with corporate mergers, acquisitions, sales, leveraged buyouts and an assortment of other business transactions. We perform due diligence, negotiate [...]

February 10, 2022

Employee Handbooks Practice

2022-03-25T10:09:22-04:00By |

Regardless of size or industry, every business should have an “employee handbook” (also referred to as an “employee manual”), which sets forth the policies and procedures that govern the employer-employee relationship. Once a [...]

February 10, 2022

Employment Law Counseling

2022-03-25T10:04:56-04:00By |

General employment law counseling is an integral part of the services provided by FTLF’s employment practice group. By partnering with our clients’ management or human resources professionals, we develop practices and policies that [...]

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