To complement our legal services, FTLF attorneys develop and lead a variety of programs for professional training and education. Ranging from webinars to multi-day workshops and bootcamps, these events are open to all federal grantees — not just clients of the firm. Learn more >>

Training and technical assistance led by practicing attorneys.

FTLF educational programs explain often intimidating, complicated topics, transforming them into logical, digestible learning modules. We translate convoluted legal terms and ambiguous agency guidance into clear language, practical advice, and ready-to-implement solutions for grant recipients.

Based on our decades of experience working with federal grantees, we are able to bring abstract concepts to life through examples of real-life scenarios. Designed for professionals ranging from new employees to senior leaders, our programs also provide the opportunity for attendees to share with and learn from peers across the country.

An expanding curriculum for an evolving regulatory environment.

We are continually growing the FTLF curriculum in response to shifts in the regulatory landscape as well as the needs and feedback of the organizations we serve. Insights gained from both our legal work and training events heighten our ability to advise organizations on nuances, gray areas, trends, and emerging risks that impact ongoing compliance and daily operations.

Training session

FTLF Training Events:
In-person, virtual, and on-demand formats.

Other Products, Resources & Services:
To help meet your compliance, legal, and regulatory obligations.

These collections offer modifiable, ready-to-use resources around a specific topic or grant program. All toolkits provide sample policies and procedures, checklists and forms, and/or detailed explanations of compliance requirements to help you understand and better manage your program.

Curated for specific audiences and subject areas, our membership programs enable you to leverage multiple types of training. These training packages provide your entire organization with regular access to selected webinars and resources, as well as special discounts on related programming.

Upon request, we also develop and host training events for a single organization. While often based on existing curriculum, these events are tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives. Click here to request more information.

What attendees say about FTLF training:

“Thank you. I feel like you all really care about grantees successfully providing services.”

Inclusion Coordinator, Head Start Program

“FTLF events are some of the best virtual-led conferences I’ve attended.”

Chief Financial Officer, Community Action Agency

“One of the best trainings I have attended. Money well spent.”

Chief Financial Officer, Community Health Center

“This training was by far the most efficient, informative, professional development I’ve had.”

Director, Head Start Program

“Great program; great information, great speakers and technical staff!!! JUST GREAT.”

Revenue Cycle Manager, Community Health Center