Addressing compliance, risk and potential opportunities.

From governance and internal controls to grant research/writing.

The proactive counsel of FTLF attorneys helps to avoid costly legal missteps that can jeopardize vital health services within communities. Areas we cover include best practices for governance, policy, operations and compensation frameworks — along with consulting services for grant research and writing. Corporate level areas include quality assurance strategies, financial oversight and staff/leadership development.

Corporate compliance is the legal profession’s equivalent to preventive medicine. With planning, organization, and commitment, corporate compliance programs can spot problems early and allow an organization to take corrective action to avoid government fines and penalties.

This is especially important now that the Government has mandated that providers establish compliance programs as a condition of enrollment in Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP and has dedicated new (and significant) resources to prosecute fraud and abuse. In the current health care regulatory environment, corporate compliance programs are an essential business function for avoiding risk of liability.

Our Health Care practice group attorneys provide a full range of health care corporate compliance counseling services for the development, evaluation, implementation, operation, and support of effective compliance programs.

Representative Activities:

  • Compliance program policies and procedures
  • Compliance audits and reviews
  • Compliance investigations of potential misconduct
  • Compliance program effectiveness reviews
  • Compliance risk assessments
  • Compliance training

Additionally, a variety of compliance-related training and resources specifically for community health centers can be found at