Safeguarding services and funding for HIV/AIDS treatment.

Through compliance advice, training, transactional assistance, litigation, and more.

Leveraging fifty years of experience assisting federal grant recipients and health care providers, FTLF’s Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (“RWHAP”) practice assists grantees and subgrantees with all aspects of program implementation and compliance.

In recent years, FTLF has aided RWHAP in particular with matters of pharmacy and 340B compliance, direct RWHAP Part C and D and indirect RWHAP Part A and B grant management, and program income strategy and management, and AIDS Drug Assistance Program (“ADAP”) matters. With RWHAP grantees varying in nature and scope of their federal project activities, from programs housed within Departments of Health and large University Medical Systems to programs operated by community health care providers, FTLF offers RWHAP guidance in the form of both traditional legal services and through focused training programs.

Legal services include assistance with grant management, subrecipient agreements, program income strategy and management, 340B regulatory compliance, contract pharmacy matters, and traditional health care law matters, including health privacy requirements.

With decades of experience in Health Resources and Services Administration (“HRSA”) and other Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) programs, FTLF attorneys also assist RHWAP recipients with matters of blended funding, and establishing FQHC/Section 330 Health Center program projects (including obtaining “Look-alike” status).

If you have questions in this area, whether on statutory or regulatory matters, HIV/AIDS Bureau’s Policy Clarification Notices (“PCNs”), pharmacy matters, or anything else, please contact Scott S. Sheffler at